cross-cultural training


The objective of our training is to support the participants in the development of intercultural competence. Intercultural competence helps the achievement of success in an increasingly interdependent global society. It also helps manage diversity in a local context and to avoid misunderstandings that can lead to costly delays, loss of customers, negative publicity and litigation.

Intercultural competence does not focus on one specific culture or the relationship between just two cultures. It includes the ability to communicate with and among different cultures as well as strengthening relationships towards propagating business results.
We develop and offer trainings and workshops, amongst others, on the following topics:

  • Intercultural Awareness
  • Preparation for inter-cultural business contacts
  • Foreign language courses with particular consideration for culture-specific idiosyncrasies
  • Leading of bicultural and multicultural teams
  • Preparation of employees and their families for employment abroad
  • Successful repatriation on return
  • Skills workshops in Cross cultural project management
  • Cross cultural negotiation and conflict management
  • Intercultural sales and marketing

In co-operation with you, we develop a training concept based on your specific needs. Ask us.

We would be happy to assist.