cross-cultural consulting


Our consulting services will convince YOU, too!

We offer the following services:

  • Personnel Selection and Development. In the area of human resources we focus our services on Training and Development.
  • Teambuilding. We enshrine effective teamwork into your international team.
  • Sales and Marketing Strategies. We support you in the process of entering a new market.
  • Project Management. We also offer support throughout international projects to secure cross-cultural collaboration.
  • Diversity Management. We assist you to develop strategic approaches to make full use of the available resource of diversity. You will be able to improve your cost structures, creativity, marketing and problem-solving processes.
  • Events. We consult you on how to plan, organize and realize intercultural events.
  • Cross Cultural Legal Advice. Professional contract preparation and successful negotiations lead to well-balanced contracts and are the basis for sound co-operation. Our services include contract negotiation, tender and contract preparation together with quality assurance reviews.
  • Interpreter and Translation Services. Value is in people, not in words. We provide inter-culturally trained interpreters and translators.

We would be pleased to prepare an individualized offer for you. We are happy to assist you.