cross-cultural conflict management


We assume that instead of sharing the same values, people from dissimilar cultural origins bring their own specific background into conflicts. They, therefore, often perceive these conflicts differently and consequently have different methods of conflict resolution. Thus, cultural dimensions become factors which need special consideration in conflict management. By utilizing conflicts constructively, the differences and diversity in perspectives and ways of thinking can lead to synergies. To distinguish, analyze and solve intercultural conflicts can be a tremendous challenge.

We offer:

  • Intercultural Mediation. Intercultural mediation strives to uncover conflicts caused by cultural variations in order to integrate them into constructive ways of conflict solving. Intercultural Mediation facilitates people with a different cultural background to find sustainable and satisfactory solutions for their conflicts.
  • Intercultural Conflict Coaching. We support specialists and executive staff as well as other employees in the prevention of and solution to conflicts in an intercultural context. We empower them to resolve conflicts independently.
  • Intercultural Conflict Moderation. We accompany you during change management processes and post merger integration. We will also moderate team and project meetings.

We are happy to assist you.