cross-cultural coaching


Coaching is the most intensive and, therefore, is often the most effective tool for your success. Coaching is a partnership between a qualified coach and an individual (or team) who support the achievement of extraordinary results, based on the goals set by the client(s). Intercultural coaching also supports individuals, who work abroad or in an intercultural surrounding.

Intercultural coaching advances and propels the transfer of Knowledge in an intercultural context. It also accelerates the individual's (or team's) progress by providing greater focus and awareness of the existing potentials which lead to more effective choices in an intercultural setting.

Situations, where intercultural coaching is particularly suitable:

  • Advancement to a managing position
  • Acquiring a leading position in an multicultural team or in an international project
  • Resolving conflicts with co-workers, colleagues or supervisors from different cultural backgrounds
  • Job-related or personal crises on the common area between occupational and private life, e.g. during a foreign assignment or during repatriation

Please note that not all coaching requires face to face interaction and can easily be conducted via phone or e-mail.

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